Introducing an exciting new product in a range of on-trend colours and finishes. Dekton employs ultra-compaction technology, similar to the metamorphic change in natural stone, creating a product with zero porosity, and lacking micro-defects and weak spots. With high flexural strength, it can be installed in thinner material over greater spans. It is entirely stain-proof and it never needs to be sealed, making it a low maintenance surface that is easier to clean and highly water-resistant. It also has the highest scratch resistance on the market so a slip of a knife won’t damage Dekton but we’d recommend using cutting boards to protect your household utensils.

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As the market leading brand in quartz surfaces, Silestone offers beauty in a wide range of colours, extraordinary textures and outstanding properties. A compound made up of 90% natural quartz, it is extraordinarily hard and resilient. Silestone comes with the highest quality guaranteed: Cosentino offers its consumers a 25 year warranty on Silestone kitchen worktops as they operate with the most demanding quality controls during manufacture.

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The original luxury kitchen worksurface, granite is not only a naturally beautiful but a naturally very resilient material which is ideal for kitchens. Each granite worktop is unique with the exact colouring and figuring not found in any other piece of stone so you can be sure that your worktop will be as individual as the rest of your home. Granite is resistant to scratching and can withstand temperature changes, but requires a little more maintenance than man-made surfaces. Regular cleaning and sealing helps to retain its beauty.

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