Don’t put limitations on your dream kitchen just because you don’t have a big budget.

Having a good eye for detail and the enthusiasm to create something special and unique is almost as important, if not more important than the size of your budget. Money can make life easier but it can’t buy creativity and individuality and in fact, by having a smaller budget you will more than likely end up with a kitchen that means a lot more to you than one that was created with little imagination and thought behind it.


If you need a few pointers on how to make your kitchen incredible on a small budget read our tips and tricks below:

Keep your layout simple.

Not only will this keep the cost down but it will prevent future problems; especially if you ever need to replace a door or a floor/wall tile. If you over complicate your kitchen it can look too busy and is often trickier to repair or replace.


Buy inexpensive carcasses.

These can be purchased from big DIY stores and once they are installed you can choose whichever door fronts and drawers you wish.


Upcycle with cupboard doors.

If you know of a kitchen that is being removed from someone’s house, don’t turn it down; especially if it is solid wood. Why not sand it down and repaint it a colour of choice? It might take some time but it will be much more personal. This works well if you are looking to create a country kitsch style kitchen! If you want a modern kitchen why not choose a cheaper style and jazz it up with a beautiful work top, handles and accessories?


Choose basic appliances.

If your appliances are going to be concealed behind cupboards, they don’t really need to be the best on the market as long as they have good reviews and work well.


Godalming - Jewson Kitchen Showroom Worktop


Invest in a decent work top.

If you cut corners in every other areas of your kitchen, try not to cut corners on your work top. It is used daily and needs to be able to withstand hot pans, sharp knives and any other items that are used on it. A decent work top will also give the impression that the kitchen is worth a lot more than what you paid.


Be creative with your knobs and handles.

Take a look around and see if you can find some old antique looking handles, you may find some on an old kitchen that is no longer in use or you may be happy to have mismatched handles which can be bought from online trinket stores at a very reasonable cost. This can work well in your favour. If you are going for a modern sleek look in your kitchen, make sure that you shop around and try and get the best deal.

Flitwick - Jewson Kitchen Handles Showroom

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