Key facts:

  •  Matt
  •  Painted to Order
  •  5 Weeks
  •  Ready Assembled
  •  Premium Assembled
  •  By Design
  •  10 years
  •  Classic Kitchens


This painted kitchen makes a statement of elegance. It is simply stunning; offering a sense of the traditional with a light contemporary air. Painted timber doors sit in a solid wood painted frame to add to the timeless ambience of the room.

When Painted-to-Order, this stunning kitchen combines two indulgent painted finishes to create a subtle twist on a traditional in frame kitchen design.


Features & Information

  • Premium Assembled includes 2 man delivery to you (access permitting)
  • Comes in Ivory, as well as a selection of Paint-To-Order options including: Anthracite, Black, Cashmere, Chalk White, Clay, Cobble Grey, Cooks Blue, Dove Grey, Duck Egg Blue, Mussel, Platinum, Pumice, Sage, Skylon Grey and Stone.
  • A variety of handle options are available.



The prices shown for our By Design & Sensori rigid kitchens are based on a standard 12-unit “L-shape” configuration and include the following units:

  • 500mm 4-Drawer Base Unit
  • 2x 600mm H/L Base Unit
  • 1000mm H/L Corner Base Unit 600mm Deep
  • 600mm Built-Under Oven Housing
  • 600mm 2-Drawer Base Unit
  • 1x 600mm Larder Unit 1952mm Tall (Right Hand)
  • 2x 500mm Wall Unit Standard Height
  • 635mm L-Shaped Wall Unit Standard Height
  • 2x 500mm Wall Unit Standard Height
  • Plus: 17 x Steel Bar Handles and 2 x 2700mm Plinths


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