Whether you’re planning a kitchen refresh, starting again with the family in mind, or building from scratch, follow these 3 simple steps to make your dream kitchen a reality.



Inspiration is everywhere – and not just in kitchens. Look on Instagram, Pinterest and in magazines. Take photos in restaurants, friend’s kitchens and in shops. If you see something you like, save it and make a mood board (Pinterest is a great online tool for this).

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Set your budget

The early stages of planning your dream kitchen are exciting and understandably so. But it’s important to start with both feet on the ground – with a budget. Have a number in mind and stick to it.


Hire your budget

Fitting a kitchen can be tricky, which is why we highly recommend finding a local tradesperson. Their knowledge and expertise will be invaluable when it comes to making your dream kitchen to a reality.

If you need help finding a professional kitchen fitter ask friends and family, use a recommendation site such as checkatrade.com or visit bikbbi.org.uk for fitters registered with the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom installation.



If you enlist the help of a tradesperson they will do this for you – if not, measure the space your kitchen currently takes up and where it could expand into. Don’t forget to measure doors, walls and windows too. The more measurements you take, the better equipped you are to design a kitchen that suits your specific needs.

TIP. Note the position of the plumbing and electrical points. Their location will be the key to planning the layout of your kitchen.



When redesigning your kitchen, think about how you move around it. Where do you plan on having the fridge, sink and cooker? These three areas are where primary tasks are undertaken, therefore it’s good to apply the Triangle Concept to your kitchen.


The Triangle Concept is easy to implement. You simply place the fridge, sink and cooker in locations that form the shape of a triangle. Spacing them out equally will allow easy, seamless access to each. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is a galley, U-shape, L-shape or open plan. The Triangle Concept still applies.


After measuring and planning, check the next step – Consider and Specify.

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